B2B Care Manager 

B2B Care Manager 

(Hanoi + Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam)

You will support online discussion forums, our Q&A lifecycle process, new content production, help subject matter experts prepare for and communicate with customers, work as the administrator on customer-facing webinars, and execute against our community engagement strategy. More than meeting the needs of our agents as stakeholders, we want someone whose personal mission is to make every stakeholder fall in love with being a member of our user community.


  • Master all administrative duties and logistical responsibilities it takes to meet our community objectives.It takes a lot of elbow grease to meet our community objectives. Some data and spreadsheets need to be maintained; there are meetings to schedule, stuff that needs to be purchased; and vendors to contact. In short, there’s stuff to do that furthers our mission. We want someone willing to get their hands dirty and is excited to do the needful.
  • Work diligently to improve the user community experience for members every day.We want someone who loves what they do and has an unmatched desire for making our stakeholder experience better than it was yesterday, every day. We are looking for someone interested in taking things to the next level, focusing on places we can improve, and measuring themselves based on how delighted our stakeholders are with their user community experience.
  • Help stakeholders understand how to participate.In our user community, we want user generated content, our very own YouTube feel, SMEs writing blogs, and answers and information coming to community members from anyone, anywhere. But, many of our stakeholders don’t know how to use our tools to successfully generate content. We need someone committed to talking about how to use our tools to promote the right kinds of user community behavior to anyone that will listen!
  • Help people find the content and information they need.One of the biggest challenges to engagement and participation is simply finding what you’re looking for. We want someone who goes out of their way to make finding valuable content as easy as possible for our stakeholders.
  • Ensure customer and other stakeholder queries are adequately addressed in a timely fashion.We expect a flood of questions from stakeholders that need routing to the appropriate SME for answers. We also expect SMEs to be busy and need follow-up or encouragement. We expect these same challenges on discussion boards and other areas in our online platform. We want someone who isn’t afraid to hound SMEs to ensure the user community needs are met BUT can also think outside the box and get creative when there are barriers to timely responses.
  • Work with subject matter experts and other stakeholders to ensure the creation of value-add content regularly.Content varies in medium and type. You will have to support SMEs in deciding what kind of content to develop and what medium to use. You will also be responsible for engaging the correct SMEs and driving content pieces to closure, including things like ghostwriting or collaboration sessions where you help the SME understand what content should be delivered.
  • Dig into the company to help mine out the best topics and sources of information.Sometimes stakeholders will be asking for content to be developed. Other times, you will learn of a new initiative or find a golden nugget of information that you know in your heart will be awesome to share with the user community. You will work as a constant advocate for information that should be hosted on our online platform.
  • Measure community engagement and help think up ways to improve engagement.We aren’t just looking for high quantities of members to join our community. We are looking for high-quality interactions and participation. It will be your responsibility to measure and report if what we are doing meets our objectives, delights our stakeholders, and positively impacts our KPIs.
  • Partner with Training and Documentation to coordinate the best holistic experience for stakeholders.There are lots of teams developing content for the community to interact with. Some of the most critical relationships for this role is partnering with our Training team and our Documentation team to integrate the resources and deliverables they create into the community experience. We don’t want community members to feel like they are interacting with our Community team versus our Training team or Documentation Team. We want them to feel like they are interacting with Sagitec.
  • Of course, there will be a few other duties that we aren’t predicting.As our user community membership and platform grow and evolve, we anticipate that your role will grow and mature in support. That said, the objectives remain the same – curate high-quality content that meets the needs of our stakeholders when they need it.


  • Passionate and excited after reading our job description.
  • Great communication skills in English ( and German if possible) and high emotional intelligence.
  • Isn’t afraid of ambiguity.
  • Dig in and do the work without a lot of handholding.
  • Can work with lots of different stakeholders.
  • Listen to and identify the needs of many.
  • Have an interest in making online communities work, including fostering engagement.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previously worked for a company with B2B customers, preferable in Health Sciences .
  • Experience working on other user communities.
  • Experience with Higher Logic.


  • Educational or work background in communications, education/training, marketing or/and Biotech, Biology or Health Sciences.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Full Time/permanent
  • plan with company match
  • Health insurance
  • Flexible spending account
  • Paid time off
  • Company holidays
  • Floating holidays
  • Employee assistance program abroad
  • Referral program